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Decorative LED Control Card
Universal Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED Controller & Dimmer with handheld RF Color Remote. IT can control any 12VDC RGB LED products except the RGB-2. Unique synchronization function constricts remote to one controller, or to multiple controllers for use with one remote. Read More..
Solar Products
Solar electric systems generate electricity silently and without any moving parts. Sunlight falls on the solar array and generates DC electricity. That DC electricity is converted into household 120V AC electricity by the inverter. The AC electricity is fed into your electric meter and circuit breaker panel. The electricity either goes to your appliances and lights, or to the grid, or some to each. This happens silently and automatically every day. Our Solar Products

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TechnoRise is one of the leading Supplier and exporters of international quality solar products. Gradually we have grown into a well-managed company  offering the best services in the industry. Our major concern is directed towards quality customer satisfaction.

Our company has added a number of new clients in the past and we have been doing Good Business with existing clients. Our Clients are satisfied with our product range and services that is reflected through their feedback  Some our major solar products are solar modules (mono/poly crystalline type), solar water heaters, solar lighting systems, solar pumping systems, solar street lighting system, portable lanterns, solar home lighting systems, solar water pumping systems and solar cooking systems. We take care of the specific requirements of our clients and offer packaging and delivery services with equal efficiency. Read More..